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So much in life is worth celebrating — milestones, special occasions and human connection. Our hearts are full when friends and family gather to celebrate a little one’s first birthday, pop champagne for a hard-earned retirement, cheer on the New Year and more. How wonderful it is to do life together! We take joy in being there for friends and families so they can remember life’s highlights, for life.



Remember the portraits of the past, where people sat upright on cold studio stools? They were solemn and awkward. We prefer honest ones - portraits that give others a peek at someone’s character or family dynamics. The best portraits come when a person is in his or her comfort zone. That’s why, as you like, we’ll take a walk in your favourite park, hang out with you at home or keep things professional in a studio.



Isn’t love one of life’s greatest experiences? We go weak for love stories and really take time to get to know our couples. That’s why, they are always at ease with us when they say ‘Yes’. From early morning preparations to late night celebrations, we capture real emotions and interactions, and beautiful details of their big day. So that when they revisit their wedding album, they’ll relive the fun, joy and tears.